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Citrix Profile Management Event ID 4000

Salim Hurjuk



any have observed this event 4000 on WS2019 + VDA 2203

I didn't enable profile container here....



Log Name:      Application
Source:        Citrix Profile Management
Date:          5/7/2022 4:31:11 PM
Event ID:      4000
Task Category: None
Level:         Information
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      HSD01.DOMAIN.com
Failed to read the VHDX files associated with the following policies: Profile container (error code 0x3), Search index roaming for Outlook (error code 0x3), Accelerate folder mirroring (error code 0x3). Cause: Could not access the VHDX storage path "\\ctxfs\ctxprofile\ctxtst1.domain\Win2019v6". Action: Verify that the storage path "\\ctxfs\ctxprofile\ctxtst1.domain\Win2019v6" is accessible.


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We have also the Event Viewer ID as mentioned above. Using UPM Profile Container (Not seeing a direct issue with that, the profile is consistent and correctly loaded). I also made a test with Profile streaming and file based UPM instead, but the event viewer ID is the same.


Beside that, not sure if this is "because" of this or perhaps there is another reason:


We also have a black screen on users login. There is no impact in logon duration, it is only 20 seconds. But instead of the "Welcome screen" or a process info (like xyz is loading or GPO processing) there is only a black screen with a mouse cursor (it seems that he is doing some stuff). Sometimes you shortly see in the first second the "normal" welcome loading screen, but only for a millisecond (I think he is correctly there but kind of overlayed from the black screen then). Not sure what is causing this (Citrix VDA related? UPM related? Windows OS related? Perhaps GPU related?). I tried all registry tweaks which you can find in the internet, but it seems that is not the typical behaviour like app readiness stuff or something like this. Like i said, logon time is "Okay" and there is no unknown "gap". If you logon with a local user on Citrix Hypervisor to the VM, the "welcome loading screen" is visible.


-> So the users have the "whole" logon process the black screen (around 20 seconds), and then the desktop is loaded correctly. So it doens't have a functional impact on the session afterwards, it is only not that "nice" when the user is sitting in front of a black screen asking himself what is going on, even if it is only 20 seconds.


Environment: CVAD 2203 LTSR CU1, Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 LTSR CU1, Windows 10 21H2 non-persistent VDI (MCS) with NVIDIA vGPU-Profiles (A40, 3Q), all with the newest patchlevel.


Question would be to the others, like @Ricardo Ramos1709162134, is there any news by this from Citrix? Is the black screen behaviour the same in your case (like i described) or is it another type of "black screen"?

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