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Content switching keep original host from header

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my approach is quite easy to explain, but I haven't found out how to create a successful ADC config:

We are having one public IP,  but we need to publish several SSL sites and services. Every service has its own public dns hostname / fqdn.

One is, of course, a Citrix GW running on the ADC itself. But one is a Veridium POC server that offers itself several services. Each one listening on its own domain (e.g. a-poc.fqdn.org, b-poc.fqdn.org, etc.) Internal and exteral fqdns are the same - internal as external.


On the Netscaler and on the Veridium POC server we are using a wildcard cert for the domain.


I configured content_switching policies based on basis HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ("gw.fqdn.org") for all incoming fqdns, etc.

First I thought everything would be okay, but then I found out that for the Veridium POC server it's not working properly. Means: if you access e.g. a-poc.fqdn.org/something and then b-poc.fqdn.org the request is sent to the backend server with the same hostheader hostname. I tried a lot, even configure own FQDN-based servers for each a-poc, b-poc, etc. But the result is the same.


Is there any approach to get this sorted out? Would using rewrite actions be a solution? Or is there any additional setting within content switching to prevent this behavior?

Would be happy for every little hint...

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If split-DNS is working and resolving to that 1 Public IP when you are external and you define content-switch policies as you defined it should be fine. 
How are you addressing the back-end services, DNS-based or IP-based ?

Could you share the configuration ?   If you like you can use xconfig.io for that filter out with dependencies, so you only share what's relevant, and click share and add the link here. 

Kind regards,


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