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SMTP Load Balancer State down

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we have a Problem with our SMTP Loadbalancer:

It is marked as down and SMTP is not working.

Nothing was changed in config or on the Firewall.

In the log of the Firwall i can see the Packages that SMTP Monitor is sending to both Exchange Servers.

When i try to telnet to the Exchange on Port 587 from the ADC Shell it is working without any Problem.


What i have done so far:

  • Reboot ADC
  • Delete SMTP Monitor and making a new one
  • Delete the Loadbalancer and making a new one

Nothing has helped so far. I used this guide to setup the SMTP Loadbalancer:



Does anyone has another Idea? Thanks a lot




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Hi Steven,


A good place to start here would be to check the monitor... You might be seeing the monitor traffic over the firewall, but depending on the actual response the ADC gets, it will either mark the service(groupmember) up or down. This accepted response is of course configurable.


Also, depending of course on your particular configuration, doing the telnet test from shell might not be a good way to validate because that traffic will be sent from the node's IP (NSIP). Traffic flowing through the ADC to the SMTP server might use another IP, such as a specific SNIP or even a VIP if you're using a NetProfile. Of course another thing to consider is that maybe the route table of the ADC forces traffic to this backend on a specific way.


Could you share some more details on your configuration? This would maybe help pin down the issue.


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