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VDI is not available - VHD info is missing

Ante Luetic


I have a problem with the colesce on Xenserver.

A few days ago the auto snapshots stopped being made (20 is the limit) and rescan SRa reports the error "VDI is not available", coalesce is not working. Also there are a lot of records for VHD files in the SMlog file from all VMs "VHD info is missing".

I removed the problematic VDI but now SR rescan reports the same error for VDI from another VM and I'm afraid to remove that VDI as well, that VM is important to us.

Is there a way to solve this? I restarted all XenServer hosts.

XenServer is 7.0 version.


Thanks on any sugestion,



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Probably you'll have to storage-migrate your VMs to different SRs to clean up all the snapshot buildup and allow the SR to get empty enough to be able to recover. Worst case, you might have to empty pout and re-initialize any SRs that exhibit that issue before moving your VDIs back.

Missing VHD info errors could possibly indicate some sort of corruption. Again, I'd work on moving the VM storage elsewhere and see if that can be done successfully to assure your data are still good.



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