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Computer account password change

Bjoern Ramann


Hello @all,



i have some questions about the way how Citrix (PVS: 7.15.33) is set the computer account when the max day´s  is reached.


  1. Which software component inside PVS or delivery controller is responsible to update the computer account?
  2. Which software component communicate with the active directory for the update? The BNDevice?
  3. Can I monitor these updates with cdfmonitor or cdfcontrol?
  4. At which point is the account updates done? During the next reboot of a worker? For example, the password is set at 1.1 – 08:00 am, max life time is 1 Day. The worker boot is daily at 02:00am
  5. When the update is done, the ADtimestamp is updated. I do some tests and it looks like an seconds counter – when I compare the old and the new value the diff is the time in seconds
    Then when I get the value via “mcli-get deviceinfo” can I convert this value (ex: 1651156716) back to human readable?
  6. Where is the password stored? The table column "adPassword" is empty.
  7. Does it make sense from the performance view vs stability to install the cdfmonitor on normal workers with a minimal configuration to be sure to have logs in case of boot problems



Thanks for help


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