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Citrix VDA 2006 - USB Printer not showing up as a client printer

Hardeep Sidhu1709163344




I have a customer with a 2 VDA setup running FSLogix. Many users have USB printers (HP) that pass through fine without issue. There is one user specifically who has every one of her printers pass through including a network printer, onenote etc.. but their HP USB Printer. The only option they have is redirection however it appears that when the printer is redirected, everyone else logged into the same vda can see and are able to print to their printer. 


I have tried re-installing the workspace on this users system as well as downgrading the vda version on both vms from 2012 to 2006 however it still does not work. 


Is there any limit to the number of usb printers that can pass through on the same VDA? I don't want to redirect everyone's printer since this is only an issue for 1 person at the moment.




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