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ADC Firmware cli won't show previous command if syntax was wrong

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Just getting a little visibility on this.

Running a build for the first time and noticed one really annoying cli behavior.   Using putty as ssh client.  I think this is "new" adc behavior in this version or recent build (and not a ssh client issue). Note affects cli only and not bsd shell commands.  


From the cli if I mistype a command and you get an error using the "UP arrow" to repeat last command WILL NOT bring the previous bad command into prompt so you can fix it. You have to retype it. You can only repeat good commands.


This makes a lot of cli config moderately annoying especially for new customer learning their syntax or if you make typo in a long policy like authentication configurations or cert creation commands.  If this is a misconfiguration in my ssh client (putty) i would gladly fix it; but I think this is something in the 13.1 release. Don't know when it started; I know this was not the behavior in 13.0 back until 6.x.  



I'm working in cli and enter the following commands (numbered for reference). Cmd [1] is valid; Cmd [2] is invalid.  Usually, you enter a partial command to check on syntax (or you make a mistake):

[1] show ns ip

[2] add lb vsever lb_vsrv_demo  <missing stuff>


This will cause a syntax error OR a quick help summary.


Then you usually <up arrow> or <ctrl-p> to see previous command so you can edit or fix problem.

Normally on every version prior to this one (I believe) back to 6.x or earlier the CLI kernel acts mostly the same as linux/unix shell (and BSD shell still works as expected).  

Hitting <up arrow> or <ctrl-p> after line [2] would repeat command [2] so you could fix it.


NOW it skips [2] and only displays [1].

If you make a mistake in cli, you have to manually reenter command and can't build off last <bad> entry if invalid for any reason.



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