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Outlook19/Server19 sessions are not disconnecting due to MSEdge

Mike Kuhn1709156580


I am testing a new app server image running Server 2019 and Office 19 apps. Outlook launches and runs perfectly fine.  However when closing the app the session will not disconnect.  Upon investigation of processes I can see a bunch of MSEdge processes have started in the background at app launch and are hanging out there open.  When I close the highest memory usage instance of Edge, they all close and the session disconnects and cleans up as expected.


I can also note that if I kill Edge while using Outlook there seems to be no detrimental effect on the application itself.  All of this would lend itself to adding MSEdge.exe to the TWI key but I'd rather not go that route if at all possible as the eventual goal of this server image will also be to launch browser based apps and the company browser standard is Edge.  


Currently the server is running VDA 1912CU3.  However I've also tried this previously with 1912CU5 and 2203.  I've built a new server even, thinking maybe it was just something dumb with my build.  I've also tried turning off Edge Startup Boost via registry, even though I'm unsure that would even work on Windows Server.  Has anyone else run into this and come across a way to mitigate?  

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But that's the thing.  I'm not running Edge.  I'm running Outlook and the Edge processes are spawning when Outlook launches.  However, your suggestion did lead me to try something else.  If I have Outlook open and launch a published instance of Edge from the same VDA, closing the published Edge app also cleans up ghost Edge processes that spawn upon launching Outlook.  If I then close Outlook the session disconnects and cleans up properly.  Unfortunately, that doesn't give me much relief when launching Outlook as a published app however.  I'm still going to need to find a way to either prevent or clean up those Edge processes that appear when launching Outlook.

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On 4/28/2022 at 9:38 PM, Mike Kuhn1709156580 said:

But that's the thing.  I'm not running Edge.  I'm running Outlook and the Edge processes are spawning when Outlook launches. 

Hey Mike, 
Just wondering if you got any further with this issue? 
I hae been testing out a new Windows Server 2019 (1809) with CVAD 1912 LTSR CU5. However we have noticed that sessions are not logging off after users close off all remote applications. Checking the system there appears to be a few Browsers open (both MSEdge and Internet Explorer??) even when the user does not launch a browser. From some testing it appears to come from opening MSOutlook. (Verified by opening a MSOutlook application only no other applications and the Browsers automatically open).

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No, I'm continuing to see the same issue.  Sounds identical to what you're seeing as well.  I'm betting you'll also find that if you kill the main edge process of the session left hung open the session will probably then move to a proper disconnected state and clean up gracefully.  


Sorry for the delayed response, I was out of office. 

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