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WebEx VDI always starting from APPDATA

Robert Madrian




we have installed WebEx VDI (https://www.webex.com/downloads/teams-vdi.html) on our W10 1909 with XD 1912 LTSR but struggling to get it work


if we want to open a Webmeeting from the browser it wants always to open it from APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX and not from the installed path c:\Program Files\Cisco Spark



why that?


we use also AppLocker and it is not allowed to add *.exe to the path %OSDRIVE%\USERS\X10TEST03\APPDATA\LOCAL\WEBEX\


has anyone some experiences using WebEx on XenDesktop VDI?




PS: Zoom works perfect without any problems ?


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Hello Robert,


we have had the same struggle as you mentioned.

A lot of meetings and calls with Cisco engineers later we decided to publish the Cisco Webex Meetings Application and advise our users to join via that application or manually type in the meeting information there.


You can try to delete all folders in \Appdata\Local and \Appdata\Roaming\ refering to webex and then try again. Webex should launch from C:\program files\Cisco Spark. But while in the meeting, Webex is loading everything to Appdata and is gonna launch from there the next time.


if there is any answer, i would be interested too!



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