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Redirect users through Cloud Gateway service or ADC based on Delivery Group, Store Front mandatory?

Thomas Bigotte

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Hi All, 


I've been searching for a clear answer on what we want, and what is possible. 

We use Citrix Cloud 2203 LTSR

Our setup :

-2 Cloud connector on prem

-2 FAS servers on prem

-1 ADC 13 on prem.


We want to use ADC Gateway only for Remote CAD because we have a limited bandwidth on ADC and we don't want all traffic pass through Citrix ADC Gateway.

Is it possible to redirect users to different gateway based on which VDA they try to access ?

Is StoreFront server on prem mandatory to achieve this ? 


Thanks for your help ? 




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2 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Maybe split your VDAs/Catalogs into separate Resource Locations and specify a different Gateway for each Resource Location.

Hi Carl, Thanks for replying!


Ok I will explore this way and report back to tell if it can do the job!


Btw, a big thanks for your blog which helps a lot!!



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