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Error - SSL 4 - The operation has been completed successfully

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i faced an issue with a VPX hosted on azure with build NS13.0.84.11.

When launching our applications we have a SSL 4 - The operation has been completed successfully message.

I am using the last version of workspace app and this issue occurs only by using the Workspace app client ( or receiver ).


If i used the HTML5 client all connections are fine.

In the network trace on client and vpx i can show this when i launch the ICA file :



for information the flow go through a paloalto firewall with all inspection or analysis disable.

I have involve Citrix support to ensure the good configuration and all seems to be fine for them.

I have activate on my vserver all cipher to be sure to respond properly to the SSL resquest without more success.

Do you have extra idea ?


time is checked , cipher is check, sslabs is fine.

Every idea is welcome :)



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I have finally found ! after a long troubleshooting, it appear that the certificate used has CSP ( cryptographic service provider) set to ECDSA p256.

So no problem with HTML5 client and browser because they can manage it.

But for Citrix Workspace app the only provider manage is RSA : https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX250104

Because of this the SSL handshake is not possible with Citrix Receiver/Workspace App

You can check in netscaler in the certificate details :

RSA good one :



ECDSA not working with Citrix WorkspaceApp



Be ensure to check the public Key algorithm ?

Have a good day.


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