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Theoretical case to change Hypervisor from XenServer with PVS images to VMware with MCS



This is a theoretical case to change Hypervisor from XenServer with PVS images to VMware with MCS

What is the best solution for this?

1. Reverse image to??

2. And then remove all XenServer dependencies from that reverse image?

3. Import this into VMware with format ?

4. Install VMtools and VDA and...

As your see it´s a lot of gap here

I really appreciate if someone could fill the gap from fuzzy theoretical and comprehensive solution to

more concrete and pragmatic solution.




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I have done this from Hyper-V to Vmware using PVS to deploy the images (instead of MCS). Conversion went really good using Solarwinds converter. final format was VHDX. Installation of the extra basic hardware platform-related tools (e.g 'VM tools' in case of vmware) for hardware detection was done by a 1-time operation of attaching a copy of the converted HD content manually to a new temporary VMware machine and boot it up at least once and log in locally so that all hardware of your platform gets 'known' inside the image. Then finally do your manual clean up of essentials (xentools, hyper-v tools) to ensure that all critical operations are done and proven to be booting locally before sealing and converting your image back to PVS or in your case MCS.


After that I converted the modified image back to our PVS platform for remote booting over network and further modifying from there as the new golden image. (Before this was impossible because the network stack was not recognized and present in the golden image)


Ever since it's our golden image for daily productional usage and running flawless.



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