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New Way To Perform Published Application Isolated Enviroments

John Hooper1709162241


Good Evening All,

Several years ago when wanting to configure a published application within XenApp (On Windows server 2003) that would not work well as a multi user application I would simply set up Isolation Environments for the application to run in.  It seems with new versions of Citrix on Windows 2019 etc. I cannot find for the life me where I can set up Isolation Environments. Does it still exist? I have an application at the moment that just does not want to work in a multi user environment and am positive if I am able to set up isolated environments I can get this functional.


I remember in the older versions of XenApp all I needed to do was configure an isolated environment (file and registry setting locations etc..), give it a name and then publish the application ticking the Isolated Application checkbox and selecting the isolated environment.


Seeking a little assistance or being pointed in the right direction.


Cheers & thanks in advance,



(Oh and apologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum)

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