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Dynamic Desktop and Application delivery with XenDesktop 1912LTSR based on the Client-IP.

Thomas Lang1709159199


Hello Community,


I have got the folllowing challanging task.


One user working on differenz localtions.

When the user changes a location he need a differenz Set of published Apps and VDIs.

The clients on every location are in different uniqueue IP Networks. 

The connections are all comming from internal without a Netscaler Gateway. They need to use SSO.

There are too many users and too many change to manually change the AD-Group membership of the users. 


Is it possible to dynamically allocate the specific VDI or published App to the user, based on the IP of the Client?


My first Idea was creating a redircertion policy on the Netscaler which routes the user to a specific Store URL.

But I see no possibility to assign a set of Apps or VDIs to a store.



Has anyone an idea to solve this problem.



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