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Windows Search stuck in Starting on 2016 Server/Outlook 2016

Zack Foster


We recently upgraded to 2112.


We are running Server 2016 with Outlook 2016.


Since the upgrade, we've encountered issues with Windows Search.  Windows Search is NOT installed on the server.  Despite this fact, for some reason, the Windows Search service gets stuck in a "Starting" state.  When this occurs, Outlook stops working and simple searches in File Explorer stop working.


I can RDP into the impacted server and do a "taskkill" on the SearchIndex service.  This stops the Windows Search service.  The Windows Search service will then start backup and enter a "Running" state.


With that said, I've read that we shouldn't install Windows Search on the Citrix servers.  However, despite the fact that the Windows Search is disabled, I believe Outlook (or File Explorer) is trying to start the Windows Search service and this causes problems.


When the "Windows Search" service is in the "Starting" state, all Citrix users are impacted in addition to users in an RDP session.


I have found this KB, https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/profile-management/current-release/configure/enable-native-outlook-search-experience.html, but I'm not sure if this would help us or not


Is there a way to resolve this issue? 

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