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19.12 LTSR Scanners not working externally

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Hey Everyone,


I've got a 19.12 LTSR site with windows 10 non persistent MSC machines.  We are working on making a Kodak Scanmate i940 work. 


Inside the network , it works fine when launching from the storefront base URL.  But when trying to use the scanner off site and coming through the netscaler gateway, I cant scan anything. The device shows up in device manager, but all scanning tools we've tried dont work.


Its not related to the end user device, it works inside the network on a windows 10 laptop or igel device.  Outside the network nothing works.

I dont see anything set on the netscaler that should stop it. I'm wondering if its an HDX routing issue or maybe some strange setting on the netscaler that im missing.

Short. USB Scanner (twain) works onside, doesnt work when going thru the gateway , but it does show up in device manager. 

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