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Xen Server 7.2 - alle VM werden gestoppt

Holger Kuumlchler


Hallo, ich habe einen Xenserver mit mehreren Windows VM's. Leider und das in unregelmässigen Abständen, werden alle VM's angehalten. Ich konnte selbst mit unserem Provider und dem Auswerten diverser Logfiles nicht erkennen warum der Server immer wieder die VM's anhält. Mal dauert es zwei Monate, mal dauert es nur zwei Tage bis ich wieder alle Maschienen neu starten muß. Vielleicht hat jemand eine Idee wie ich dem Problem her werde oder herausfinde warum die Maschinen auf STOP gesetzt werden.

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I'm going to answer in English as my German isn't that good. 


Did you already created a Server Status report and uploaded it to Cis? 

https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX125372 and upload this to https://cis.citrix.com 


Could you give me some more details regarding the environment:


  1. Is the hypervisor licensed?
  2. Which type of storage are you using for the VMs?
  3. Do you have all hotfixes installed? 


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Hello, probably my english is as bad as your german. ?


Thanks for your answer.


Maybe I should explain, it is my server but I have almost no knowledge of Citrix. I bought the server and let a provider put it in the data center. This has installed Citrix version 7.2. Whether this is a licensed version I do not know.


So I have no idea how to create a status report. Through my research with the provider and a friend I know that no log entries are created when the server stops my VM machines.


As far as I can see with the Citrix Console, all hotfixes are installed.


The question which storage I use I do not understand.

Maybe you mean this: I bought four hard disks for the server and my provider had formatted them with Raid5.


Quite strange is that when the server stops according to XenCenter performance indicator it is still available for several hours. What is also strange ... the machines usually stop on the hour. Most often at 1 AM. Unfortunately, as described above, this is often the case, but not always.


As I said I am at a loss, hence my contribution here in the forum.

A defect in the hardware can probably also be excluded because I have replaced the server exactly because of this problem once completely. The only thing that has remained the same, are my VM machines that were played back after the exchange.


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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