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Mapping only a folder/partition from a thin client to the VDI - Is it possible?


Hi all,

i'm trying to understand if it's possible to map just a single folder/partition from the ThinClient/Workstation to the VDI.



I have 2 logical drives on my thinclient , C and D. I want the folder D:\temp\ (and only that, not the entire D drive) mapped/visible in the VDI (single session, Windows 10) . Is possible to do this via GPO or Citrix Policies?  Citrix site is based on 1912 LTSR.


Thank you for any kind of information or suggestion.



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I haven't tested this, and it may not work on a thin client (presumably running Windows 10 IoT?) but I would try using the subst command to create a local drive letter to a folder.   For example, using the command    subst E: d:\temp   would create a local drive E:\ pointing at the D:\temp folder.


Then, refer to this article:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX135999   to see how you can restrict other local drives from being pulled through into the session.


Got to be worth a shot anyway.

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