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VMs on Xen Hosts not are not being used



We're in the process of building up a new pool and ran into an issue with VMs running 3 hosts are not being used for logins.

We first started with a new pool and 2 hosts.  I created 30 new VM from PVS and we assigned them with the pool master host as their Home Server.
Machines were added to the delivery group and show as Powered on and registered.
Users logging in were getting assigned to them and we had no issues.


Last night, 2 more hosts were installed and added into the Pool.  We again created 30 VMs for each available hosts (90 total) and set Home Servers with 30 assigned to each.

Machines were added to the same delivery group and shows as powered on and registered.

However, with these machines nobody was getting assigned to them. 

If we put all other VMs into Maintenance Mode and login to a thin client, you get desktop unavailable error even though the Delivery Controller is showing 90 machines are registered and open.


Any thoughts why these machines aren't getting assigned?



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As a side note in case it's related, in the process of moving VMs from existing pool to new pool we're deleting existing VMs from PVS (with PVS removing AD account), Delivery Controller Delivery Groups and Catalog and XenCenter and creating all new VMs on the new pool using the PVS Wizard.

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