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unbind member service group

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Do you have full admin rights or are you a partial admin?

See if you are getting "deny authorization" messages in syslog OR confirm your assigned cmd policies based on your user or group?


If you have full rights, then something else is going on.

If you have partial rights, then it is likely a missing permission for the GUI that is needed.


Basic servicegroup member adding and removal for CLI only requires following command stems:

bind servicegroup <svcg_name> <IP> <port>

And to remove a member from servicegroup:

unbind servicegroup <svcg_name> <ip> <port>


To do this via GUI, starting with the READ ONLY cmd policy, your additional settings will require you to be able to show servicegroup and possibly.

I'm not having an issue on a 13.0.64 build.  Can't compare a different build to later.


To see if you have deny messages in syslog, then try the following:


cd /var/log

tail -f ns.log | grep CMD_EXEC


Then when you perform the task determine if your account is being denied or not; though if you are a limited admin, you might not get to see syslog either.


If your account has full rights and it is not a delegated admin issue, please confirm how your servicegroup is built and the steps you are taking to delete in the GUI to see if there is something else going on.  





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