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ResetUpmProfile is not working with New-BrokerMachineCommand

Kai Schoumlnbach


Hi guys,


i am trying to reset the upm profile with powershell as described here: UPM-Reset


Add-PSSNapin -name citrix.*

New-BrokerMachineCommand -Category UserProfileManager -CommandName "ResetUpmProfile" -CommandData $byteArray -SendTrigger logon -user mydomainname\mytestuser


Then checking with "Get-BrokerMachineCommand" if the command is in the queue:



Then logged off the user and logged in again and i see the State "Sent"



but the profile ist not resetted at all and i have no idea why. When i reset the profile with Citrix Director everything works as expected...


AgentVersion             : 1912.0.4000.4227



Thanks in advance



When i reset with Citrix Director i see data in CommandData, what have to go in the variable $bytearray ?


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