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Resources not visible in workspace

Erwin Vos


We have created a delivery group with vm’s and assigned a group with members to it. The group is created in AD and synchronized with AAD. If we login to to workspace we don’t see the assigned vm’s. We do see them in our on-prem netscaler as we add our on-prem cloud connectors to Storefront. Does anyone know what we are missing? When I add my account directly to the delivery group, I see the vm in workspace and in our on-prem storefront. 

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2 hours ago, Julian Jakob said:

Is there a difference when using Browser vs Workspace App Login?

We only use browser login, for the cloud and our on-prem netscaler login. Two different sites,  but with the AD group we only see resources in our on-prem site. 

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This is interesting.  I had a similar problem a couple of months ago - some published apps were visible via the on-prem Netscaler, but not visible via the Workspace service URL.  All the missing apps were from a single delivery group.


I raised a ticket, and the support guy called me and said to try creating a new delivery group and moving a test app to that.  Sure enough, the test app appeared in the Workspace service URL immediately.   The official resolution from the support call was to move all the users from the old DG to the new one, and also moving all the apps to the new DG, and everything worked fine.


Very strange, but an easy fix.

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