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Upgrade or Reinstall of Virtual Apps 7 2103 to 2112 breaks RDP and ICA Every Time

Peter Parnell


4 servers in site (server 2019). Servers are acting as both VDA and DDC.

In every case, upgrade from VDA 7 2103 to 2112 breaks RDP and ICA connections.

After upgrade or uninstall and reinstall servers are not listening on TCP3389/1494/2598

Have completed multiple trials per server, then reverted to snapshot.

Very odd. In some trials the server will appear OK, but within a few restarts the problem shows itself. At that point server is broken and restarts will not resolve.

Also, when this problem occurs, if the admin on the server attempts to logoff, the screen is perpetually stuck on "please wait for local session manager"

Issue has been escalated and support seems to be stuck. They have memory dump from server in broken state and a remote CDFControl trace.

Initial tech kept trying to tell me that the RDP/ICA issue was a completely different issue then the "local session manager" issue. 

Seems to make no sense as they only occur together.

Anyone seeing anything like this? I'm completely out of the water and unable to upgrade my servers to resolve another issue (CTX340175).


Another thought and only included as a clue.

Completing the process in https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX136390 will allow the server to restart and work temporarily.

Next restart, however, and the problem is back. Support confirms that the VDA will change the value back.



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Thank you Jan. Success. Reverted to a known good snapshot, removed Connection Broker and Web Access roles, upgraded to VDA 2203 and the problem has not returned. Thank you very much.

Crazy. Support is still trying to tell me it's my image that has some incompatibility with Connection Broker and Web Access roles.

Did you ever determine why these roles caused the problem?

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It's true that your exact description of the problem you find in 2112 does not seem (at first glance) to relate to this particular issue I brought up if your listeners really don't even start.


I can only say that I've upgraded my main golden image with 7.15 to 1912 LTSR CU3 long ago without problems and then further from 1912 LTSR CU3 to 2112 without problems at the level of services not starting or listeners not running. Perhaps you could try this particular 2-step upgrade path as well ?


I'm suprised that of all the problems noted in 2109 and the fewer ones in 2112 yours has never surfaced to my knowledge so either it's really something specific to your environment or it's really a problem in the upgrade path but in that case my 2-step upgrade path should work just as fine for you as it did for me.

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We faced a similar issue(?) a few days ago. We had a plain MS RDS "All-Roles-in-One-Box" deplyoment and installed VDA 2203 LTSR. After installation of the VDA we were not able to logon via RDP and reboot / logoff got stuck at "please wait for local session manager". We also did not see RDP or ICA listeners.


After reverting to a snapshot, uninstalling the RDS roles except for RDSH role and then installing VDA everything went fine.

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