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XenDesktop VMs randomly crashes on shutdown

Sascha Blesl1709154854


Hello there,

we got a problem with our Windows 10 based XenDesktop VMs.

Based on Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 we use XenDesktop 7.15 CU06. The Windows 10 VM are installed and patched by
an external Client Managenet (Matrix 42 Empirum), so we don´t user PVS or MCS for that.


At 8 pm the VMs are shutdown by confguration in the DDCs Delivery Group, and that worked well for a time.
Actually we have about 100 VMs in ou´re XD Pool and they randomly crash at shutdown, leaving a black screen and a dead OS.

Last Entry in logs is
Application Popup /  ID26 / User System / BrokerAgent.exe Error in Application.


Then i have to do a forced shutdown and after that, the VMs are "fine again". Problem is that it is absolutley randsom, on one day two
VMs crash like that, today 40 were crashed.


We reinstalled VDA and WEM Agent, that didn´t help.


Any ideas?



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