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Upload API has Changed Response Body and Uploaded File Names

Raymond Jin


The Sharefile documentation for uploading files (https://api.sharefile.com/docs/resource?name=Items) says the response should have a body of OK or nothing, however currently the body of the response is "OK:[uploaded_filename]". This caused issues for previous functions that verified that files were successfully uploaded.


The other change that seems to have occurred is the uploaded file's name now includes the directory if it's in a subfolder. For example, our files are going into a local folder called temp as a staging folder before being uploaded to Sharefile through the api. An example file location might be "temp/test_file.txt". Previously, the uploaded file would appear as "test_file.txt" in Sharefile, but now it's appearing as "temptest_file.txt".

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Hi Raymond,


Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. If you can please open a Support case and provide us with a network capture with HTTPS traffic decrypted that would be very much appreciated. Steps to collect a network capture are listed below. Just let me know your case number here and I'll make sure we get this over to Citrix Engineering for review. 



1) Download and install Fiddler: https://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler

2) Launch Fiddler

3) Navigate to 'Tools' -> 'Telerik Fiddler Options' -> 'HTTPS' tab

4) Check off 'Decrypt HTTPS traffic' and press OK

5) Reproduce issue

6) Save Fiddler trace by going to File -> Save -> All Sessions

7) Provide saved .SAZ file through your Support case

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