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Two credentials popups appear with Windows workspace APP login to ADC (external)


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Hello everyone,


After 3 days of trying to find a solution, I am now here and hope you can help me!


My setup is easy, it should be a new Citrix site with the LTSR 2203, so the following I have setup:


ADC 13.1 17.42.nc (single FQDN) (only LDAPS authentication)

CVAD 2203


Every time I try to connect with the actual WorkspaceAPP I must enter the Username and Password two times. I have no option to save the password, so I know it’s something on the ADC.

SSON on Storefront and ADC (same sso domain in two session policies) is all activated. And it happens only with WorkspaceAPP from external. (no callback url is setup in the Storefront settings)


On the ADC I see in the aaad.debug the authentication process without any error, the two authentication request are exactly the same. I load balance the LDAP Server (only two) but also when I deactivate one of these, the auth window will appear two times. Add store, refresh apps or login. All the same behavior.


I made the configuration of the LDAP Authentication and the ICA Proxy with Carl’s blog. I made many citrix sites with an standard ADC setup and have never these problems.


Maybe does anyone has any hint for me what I could try?.. I hope…


Thank you for your time!

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OMG... THREE DAYS!!!!...


I rebooted my two ADC's and now all function as desired... 


I can't believe... but its the truth, so remember if you have this kind of problem.. just reboot your adc's... 


have a nice week.. 

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