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ICAP, WAF and content-length header

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Hi community,


we will implement icap with bitdefender, and all works fine as long as there is no waf in the game. With waf, and I know that, the request content-length header name get's scrumbled (ntcoent-length, cteoont-length, ...). And I have to deliver content-length to bitdefender. So I can create icap header like


"content-length: "+HTTP.REQ.HEADER("ntcoent-length")+"\r\n" 


Actually I don't want to implement icap policy, action and profile for each variant of content-length and as the waf is setup using cic the only way to exclude these post-requests from waf inspection is to exclude http method POST from being inspected by waf. In non cic-world I would write an expression like "http.req.url.startswith("/UPLOADURL").not" as waf policy.


Anyone did icap in combination with waf being enabled?




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