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The registration was refused due to 'VMNotCompatibleWithDdc' on CVAD 7 2203 LTSR

Piyush Nayak


Error message:

Event ID: 1017 in EvenViewer

The Citrix Desktop Service was refused a connection to the delivery controller 'COntrollerHostname.Domain.com' (IP Address 'XXX.XXX.XXX.47'). 
The registration was refused due to 'VMNotCompatibleWithDdc'.


Environment Info:

SQL DB 2019 Location = on-premises

DDC Controller & Studio (OS Win2016) on same server Location = Azure Cloud

VDA or Workload or XenApp Server/Desktop (OS Win2016) Location = Both places  i.e. - on-premises and Azure Cloud


Able to upgrade the VDA, DDC, Studio and SQL DB to new version CVAD 7 2203 LTSR  from CVAD 7 1912 LTSR CU3 successfully


All upgrades on VDA, DDC and studio are in-place upgrade


Prior to upgrade VDA with 2203 LTSR get successfully registered with DDDC on 1912 CU3- no issues


Post upgrade: Only on-premises VDAs on new version(CVAD 7 LTSR 2203) and older version(1912LTSR CU3)  able to register itself with DDC

But any VDA  (irrespective of version ) located on Azure Cloud will come with an error "The registration was refused due to 'VMNotCompatibleWithDdc"


Any Help is much appreciated....

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Thanks Carl,

it seems that Citrix is pushing to buy licenses for "CVAD cloud subscription with Hybrid Rights" / "CVAD cloud subscription" in order to support VDA workload on-premises and in Cloud with  CVAD 7 2203 LTSR. 


Thank you once again Carl for quickly providing this KB article. Have a wonderful day Sir! ?

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On 4/1/2022 at 7:18 PM, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Do you have hosting connections to Azure? If so, see https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX270373


Hello Carl, 

I found same problem to install with 7.2203 on VMs at Azure cloud. I have questions.

1. If I re-install Citrix Virtual App and Desktop to version's 7.1912 CU5 that it's OK and no problem, right?

2. I will use Citrix FAS components to install with this Environment.  I need to install it with 7.1912 CU5 or not?  it'll effect or not. if I install Citrix FAS with 2203.


Best Regards,


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Would like to know the fix for this.  VMNotCompatibleWithDdc.   Everything was fine going from LTSR 1912cu3 to LTSR 2203 cu3.  Then when i did the last 2 delivery controller system went crazy.  most server not registering with this error VMNotCompatibleWithDdc

I really do not want to revert but i have been fighting this all day and would like a resolution

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We use a split site -  AWS for Xenapp core (director, studio, sql, license, storefront) with 2 DC's and VDA's in AWS and also 2 DC's in Oracle cloud with VDA's in OCI as well.  OCI side seems to be fine but the AWS one seems to have the registration issue.  i did in-place upgrade.  which seem to be fine then it went crazy.

license server was upgraded to version build 42000 prior to this upgrade

Not setup for hybrid licnese, not even sure what that is.  But if not fix,, then i will have revert to backups and go back to 1912 cu3

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