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FSLogix Profile Containers and redirections.xml

david brown1709155931




i am implementing FSL profile containers to replace UPM. there is already an existing implementation of O365 containers in production.


Questions have been asked around adding all the UPM exceptions into the xml file, including all the defaults and a lot of custom ones. my concern is that this is not recommended but need some definitive guidance. 


i have read that exceptions can cause performance and stability issues but i would like to know why this is the case. how does the xml file work under the hood. 


thanks in anticipation







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I would recommend that you initially go with no exclusions and then do some tests to verify whether you have to implement one or more folder exclusions. Remember that you are now using a container based profile technology, nothing is copied between the workers and the file server during logon and logoff. This means that when it comes to logon performance, it doesn't matter if the container is 1GB or 10GB in size.

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