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Block or redirect IP address to my FQDN

Mario Medrano

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Good day everyone.

I have a question. We have a service pubished throug MPX NS 8005, something like this

LB server --> Service --> phisical server

We are publishing that LB server like https://www.service.com/app but if my customers write this in the navigator they get response from that page. 

My question is: Is possible block the access throug the IP but not throug FQDN

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Write a responder policy that identifies if the HOST is equal to the VIP and either redirect them by NAME or block them.


You can redirect to an error page, redirect to host by name, or drop traffic by modifying the responder action type.


# Note I free-handed that and I may have messed up syntax; if you know whether you want a block or redirect OR if you can't figure out from gui repost and someone can correct.

add responder action rs_act_blockvip_sendtofqdn REDIRECT '"https://www.service.com" + http.req.url.path_and_query' 

add responder policy rs_pol_blockvip_sendtofqdn 'http.req.header("host").eq("") rs_act_blockvip_sendtofqdn


Policy should redirect to https://<fqdn><path and query> if user connected by VIP.

Redirecting to an alternate error OR 

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