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Can Oplock issues also relate to Netapp servers?

David Ross1709151782




We are currently having issues with slow log offs in our 1912Ltsr CU2 enviro.


We've upgraded the VDA to CU5 recently only and nothing else in the enviro has been updated to CU5.


The loginui.exe process was not exiting cleanly and we had to manually stop it so the user session could clear cleanly. CU5 apparently solves this. It looks to have solved this issue right enough however it's early days.


When we were stopping the loginui.exe it clearly states that any new data won't be saved so I'm wondering if we're breaking some users profiles by stopping it.


We are having the issues described in the KB below.


slow logon/logoff, temp profile creation etc.




does that article only relate to windows file servers can anyone tell me?


We have our citrix profiles on netapp servers. OpLocks is currently enabled.


We've not disabled oplocks yet. I just wanted know if anyone has had to do it on netapp servers?




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49 minutes ago, Ruben Centeno1709155520 said:

I'm not aware of NetApp OpLocks breaking UPM. If CU5 fixes it, it sounds like you have a good path forward. Having said that, whether you're breaking some users' profiles is a great question. Hopefully not. (Fingers crossed.)

Thanks for the reply Ruben,


I'm actively troubleshooting this today. I can confirm that all the errors in that KB are happening today slow logon/logoff and temp profile creation the main ones.

I've not had to forcefully end loginui.exe today so I hope that continues.

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