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VDA update for Client and Server

Teddy Leung




Planning to update VDA (1912 LTSR CU5) for VDI client virtual machine.


Is client and server need to update in pair ? (Like if not in pair, some feature may not been worked, etc.)


For server side, is below application also need to update ?


  • "XenDesktop" on DeliveryController server
  • "XenDestop" and "StoreFront" on StoreFront server


Otherwise, any application also need to update ?




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34 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

They can be mixed versions and will function. However, Citrix Support might ask you to make them all the same version before they support you.


Like 1912 LTSR CU5 have Microsoft Teams Optimization on Citrix, if just updated client VDA.


Will it apply this enhancement ?


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16 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

If paired with a Workspace app that supports the features, then yes. Teams redirection is enabled by default if you installed Teams MSI using ALLUSER=1.


Hi Carl,


Paired means Workspace + VDA (on VDI virtual PC) only ? Excluded Citrix server ?



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