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Multiple monitors won't work with windows 11 when using citrix Workspace app

Shehan Fernando



This works well with windows 10 but since we update to windows 11. the second screen freezes.  The user logs from home to the work computer. Her workcomputer has got 2 monitors and she got 2 monitors at home. worked well till it get updated to win11.  the second screen freezes when she logs in. But when someone temaviewer into her home laptop while being connected to work computer, it works well.

tried the following workout but no luck. updated workspace and windows last week but same.


followed the above link but no luck.

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I had/have the same problem. I have 4 monitors, and even on Windows 10, only the first monitor would update the display. I learned that in order to update the other 3 displays, I would have to put my mouse to the top of the screen to get the blue bar to come up.. It would then update the other monitors for a minute or so until I bring the focus back to the main display.  I got around this by pinning the top blue bar to the main display, and all 4 displays update in real time.  When I went to windows 11, I saw the same issue with the other 3 displays not updating, and even after pinning the top bar, they still wouldn't update. I tried new and older display drivers, older versions of Citrix, but nothing would fix it. I had to revert to Windows 10 because I need all of my displays to update in real time to do my work.

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I have multiple customers experiencing the same type of Issue - Windows 11 at Home, dual Screens, Workspace App is either the latest version or the LTSR version (cannot recall which at this moment).


If they move the blue bar for the RDP session the second display will update for a bit, but this is not a functional solution long term.


I tried the suggestion of having the customer changing their Multi-tasking Snap settings and that did make any difference.


Does anyone have any other ideas for this issue?


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