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RE: remote access settings was set to internal

Mark Lim1709163314


just a quick back story, we've had a P2 outage last week wherein external users are getting the error "cannot complete your request" which is very generic after logging into Citrix

but accessing citrix internally, there's no issue


had a conference call with Citrix support for almost 8 hours trying to figure out the issue, so it turns out that from Storefront >> Configure remote access settings was set to internal only, so we've enabled "remote access" then the issue was fixed


my question is, are there any reason why would this happen? we are doing the RCA and thinking human intervention but we need to prove it


hence the reason why maybe some of you experienced this before why in the world would this setting be set to internal? without human intervention


the only change happened to this storefront server was windows patching last 13th of March, this issue happened on the 22nd of March

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I agree that this sounds like human intervention most likely as I don't immediately see how windows updates would cause or affect this setting in any way. Never seen it happen at least.


There is no default config logging that I'm aware of that keeps track of any administrative Storefront changes in the same way that for instance Delivery Controller does so I don't think you can prove this. In case your Storefront server is virtual and has VMware snapshotting or equivalent backups I would suggest restoring an older version to a separate machine, log on to it and check how the setting was before.

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