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Session issue on Citrix Server VDA 7.13 - Windows 2012 R2



I'm not an expert on Citrix so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes in describing the problem....


I have an environment consisting of 4 citrix servers: one is the delivery controller the other 3 have virtual Delivery Agent 7.13 installed and are part of a single delivery group.


One of these 3 servers is giving me issue: the server appear as "registered" on the controller console but no endpoint client is able to establish a connection with it, when the application seems to start on the client nothing happens and the connection is interrupted. 

From the controller console you can see how the client tries to establish the connection but it remains in "prelogon" state and then suddenly closes.

Any client that tries to open a session on this specific server behaves the same way.

For the moment I have set it to maintenance mode so that the clients are automatically redirected to the other 2 working Agent 7.13 but I need to fix this.


Removing from group and re adding it not fixing.

Connection to DC seems ok from VDA configuration wizard.


Any ideas on how to fix this behaviour?

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Hi Roman. There are (too) many possible reasons as to why this might be happening and not enough data. like e.g are you using Provisioning services to boot your 3 VDA servers all from the exact same golden image every day or few days ? Or are they physical barebone servers of which the config of 1 may have become corrupt ?


Either way your best way is always to start with looking at logs:


1. On the delivery+Storefront server, look in the windows event viewer under the additional specific event viewers. You'll find one for the delivery controller component that logs any potential issues with the brokering process.


2. On the VDA servers, check the application and system event logs. Many times the error is easily visible there


3. Use logic to divide the problems and isolate possible causes: Make a new almost identical Delivery group and move the problem VDA to this new (remove from the old, then add to the new delivery group) so you can use a test user account to do logins to it without affecting production. Then you can troubleshooting on it, reboot it, flip switches to see if that solves the problem.


That should get you started.


Also If you really are not a Citrix administrator at all and all this sounds of out of your league, please consider simply hiring an experienced Citrix consultant as he might be able to solve your problem in no time by doing hands-on troubleshooting whereas ping pong essay-writing on these forums may take weeks without a solution. I mean this is not a quick and explicit question with a clear answer at all so we might be looking at a needle-in-a-haystack problem here. Either way good luck and happy troubleshooting !

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