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Citrix ADC - Logs regard an IP Conflict State

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Hello everyone,

This last week I got a strange question; someone used the same ip that was already in use in Citrix ADC as SNIP causing an IP Conflict.


We got the information to diagnose the IP Conflict from the nsconmsg command and on the ADC Virtual Appliance console.


Before we arrive at the solution above, we had analyzed all logs on /var/log/*, including messages and ns.log file and we couldn't see any entries relating the IP conflict; the IP conflict log was not exported to our syslog as well..


Ok, I got this information from newnslog but this is an encrypted file in techdump made to troubleshoot purposes, so I think that it is an important information that should be exported to good log files as /var/log, syslog or be presented in a simple way to read inside the techdump.


Someone got this issue before?


follow a screenshot with the example of newnslog entries:



ADC Version: 12.1-63.23



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The ip conflicts are showing up in nslog as they are reported by the low-level network alerts.  While nslog (/var/nslog/newnslog) is in binary format, viewing that log is what you do using the nsconmsg -K newnslog -d event and -d consmsg commands.  In Gui, this is under System > Diagnostics:: show console message and show events.


Syslog will be audited events (config changes), and feature logged events related to security and traffic processing, and high-level events: appfw, gateway, ha communication failures, for some categories of events.


Low level network issues like ip conflicts, channel misconfigurations, switches muting ports are caught in nslog along with all stats/debug counters.  


You can export nslog (newnslog) events using the audit log server utility, if needed.



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