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Hi everyone,


We Currently  have two site, an old site with two storefronts and a new site with two storefronts, as part of migration process to two new storefronts.

is it possible to use the same cert and Base URL of old storefronts?


Second question,  the certs  between ddc and storefronts should they be the same? or we can use two different certs ?


and finally on the Netscaler  do we need to Load balance both Storefronts and DDCs fr the site to work externally?




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You should be able to use the same cert and base URL for the new storefront group. If you are load balancing storefront with NetScaler then you would need to either modify the existing LB VIP with the new storefront servers and remove the old ones or create a new LB VIP for the new storefronts and update your DNS record for the base URL. 


If you are load balancing DDC's you use the same cert that is on the LB VIP on each DDC.  https://www.jgspiers.com/securing-ddc-xml-broker-communication-over-https/


You don't have to load balance DDC's in NetScaler, they can do their own load balancing. For Storefront though, if you don't load balance them you will only be utilizing one storefront server in the group. They don't have to load balanced to work externally. 

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