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MCS machines catalog update failed

Horst-Dieter Wilhelm


Hello, I am new to the forum. Our environment Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2109 and hypervisor VMware version
The problem is that the machine catalogs can no longer be updated with MCS Service with the following message:

Startdatum: Mittwoch, 23. März 2022
Startzeit: 09:14
Enddatum: Mittwoch, 23. März 2022
Endzeit: 09:19
Zustand: Fehlgeschlagen
Masterimage: XDHyp:\HostingUnits\LSF-VMWARE-D-164-VDICLUSTER1-PROD\LSF-CMP-100012.vm\LSF-CMP-100012 - 2022-02-23 - fresh install 2.snapshot\LSF-CMP-100012 - 2022-02-23 - versiegelt 2.snapshot

Beim Vorbereiten des Images ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.
Stack Trace:
   bei Citrix.Orchestration.Base.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeTask.ThrowOnTerminatingError(SdkProvisioningSchemeAction sdkProvisioningSchemeAction)
   bei Citrix.Orchestration.Base.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeTask.WaitForProvisioningSchemeActionCompletion(Guid taskId, Action`1 actionResultsObtained)
   bei Citrix.Orchestration.Base.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.PublishProvisioningSchemeImageTask.RunTask()
   bei Citrix.Orchestration.Base.PowerShellSdk.BackgroundTaskService.BackgroundTask.Task.Run()

DesktopStudio_ErrorId : ProvisioningTaskError
ErrorCategory : NotSpecified
ErrorID : FailedToCreateImagePreparationVm
TaskErrorInformation : Terminated
InternalErrorMessage : The object 'vim.Folder:group-v152995' has already been deleted or has not been completely created; The object 'vim.Folder:group-v152995' has already been deleted or has not been completely created; The object 'vim.Folder:group-v152995' has already been deleted or has not been completely created

The snapshot image is still copied to the store but the preparation VM is no longer created. We have not made any changes to the environment and can't figure out where the problem is. Does anyone have any ideas?  

But a newly created machine catalog works without problems.

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Very similar questions have been asked before and it seems to be linked to VMware upgrades that have taken place.   Obviously I don't know your setup but is there a chance your VMware administrators have carried out an upgrade recently?


If not, you may find the easiest way forward is to create a new catalog from the same master image, add them to the delivery group, and remove/delete the old machines and catalog.   Keep in mind that with MCS, machines are essentially disposable entities to be created and destroyed as needs dictate.   There's no need to struggle trying to use a catalog or machines that are broken, when you can create replacements in minutes.

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In the meantime it was determined that the Vim.folder named in the error message was deleted by the user in VMware. However, it was an old folder that once existed in relation to the machine catalog. So the error message is correct. Certainly the statement with the new creation of the machine catalogs is correct and always the better way. It would be good to save the effort. Is there no way to make the machine catalog forget the missing folder? 


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