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How to prevent assymetric routing with Multiple VIP Subnets

Anand Gopinath

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Dear Team


We have an ADC HA Pair which is cross site ( NS1 in DC A , NS2 in DC B ) .

 L2 Network is stretched across both DCs . So same network on both sites

Single VIP VLAN  ( NSIP / HA   / default gateway on the same VLAN    )

Multiple SNIPs / MIPs for different backend server VLANs 


We would like to segment our network further  into various zones  ( still keeping the L2 connectivity across sites  ) and hence would like to redo the ADC as below 


1. dedicated VLAN to use for ADC NSIP & HA Config  

2. Multiple SNIPs    ( 1 SNIP per backend network zone    inturn routable to all the other backend server VLANs in the respective Zone  ) . all such SNIPs mapped to an interface channel 

3. Multiple VIP VLANs     ( one VIP VLAN per  zone which are  mapped to respective SNIP via netprofile ) .  All such VIP VLANs tied to another interface channel 


With the above config , how should we ensure there is no asymmetric routing  for the return traffic from the backend servers  via the respective VIP to the client ? 


1. Should we setup PBR for each VIP VLAN  ?  

2. What should we set the default gateway of the ADC to ?  any one of the VIP VLAN  ? 



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