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Bug: Mouse is ill placed by Citrix Viewer on MacOS in full screen

Stef Joosten


This is a bug report rather than a question.

I experienced this issue on March 21st, 2022 on a MacBook M1 Pro running MacOS 12.1.


I get the Remote Desktop of my employer in the Citrix Viewer. Everything works fine. Now I want to use the full screen option (green button top left) and the viewer spreads out over my two screens. Wonderful.


On my main screen, the Citrix Viewer displays the mouse arrow above the location where it effectively clicks. As a result, when I think I’m clicking on a particular button, word, or area, the effect is that the click is received below that item. Really irritating, especially because a small part of my screen is inaccessible. However, when I switch back from full screen to partial screen, everything is normal again.

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