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Disable HDX File Access


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When a user logs in from home to our Netscalar, they are presented with this prompt:


We're trying to get this to not popup and Deny access by default for everyone but not having any luck.

We looked at this KB article, https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX133565, with some registry settings to try.  We tried setting FileSecurityPermission to 0 on both the terminal server and the user's laptop but the prompt still came up.

How can we disable this so File Access is automatically disabled across the board?

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For a gateway vs non-gateway decision or to turn it off for all users, just set this via CVAD policies.


On your CVAD controllers use policies:  configure the "client drive redirection" policy from Enabled to DISABLED to turn off all client drive mapping and apply to appropriate session criteria.

If you only want OFF when connecting through gateway and ON when internal, create two policies:

one with Access Control: with Gateway (external) ON: for client drive redirection DISABLED

and one with Access Control:  without Gateway (internal):  with client drive redirection ENABLED



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