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How do you do use url any content switching

Hoang Hung

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Hi all

I have a citrix ADC 8905 using Content switching feature for

if client use: http://a.b.c.d/security  -----> VS2 

if client use: http://a.b.c.d/api  -----> VS2 

if client use: http://a.b.c.d/  -----> VS1 ( it mean client use any url ex: a.b.c.d/1..... )  ( any context route)

How do you do apply policy for all request it /


Plz help me 

Thank all

Hoang Hung

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Depending on your exact requirements, either option 2 or 3 below would work.


1) For any a request "exactly" "/":  http.req.url.path.eq("/")


2) (Which is what I think you describe above)  If you want to match /security, then /api, and then /.* where the criteria overlaps, you would need to control by policy order.

policy 1: priority 100:  http.req.url.path.startswith("/security")     

policy2: priority 200:  http.req.url.path.startswith("/api")

policy3: priority 300: http.req.url.path.startswith("/")    << This one processes last, so it will not catch the other traffic matched by the first two policies.


3) Or if its / means everything else not already matched.

Or If you are using "/" above to mean any other traffic, make it the default destination and all unmatched traffic goes here.

In the Gui, you just set a default destination for unmatched traffic; a destination with no policy expression.

bind cs vserver <vsrv name> -targetlbvserver <lb vserver name>


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