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Operating System Licensing Rearm failed from Machine catalog creation process using Powershell


Good morning Citrix comunity,
I started a learning process using Powershell and Citrix. I am creating from Powershell language my first Machine Catalog. For the cmdlet  New-ProvVM the output returned contains as FailedVirtualMachines the I created using the cmdlet New-AcctADAccount. I dont know reason (I am considering of course what I executed before works). What I see is, using Citrix Studio, the Machine Catalog created shows a message


This machine catalog has the following warnings:

Image preparation failed to rearm the copy of Windows installed on the master image. Confirm that the machines created in the machine catalog are licensed correctly, Operating system Licensing Rearm failed.

The image I am using is a VMWARE snapshoots used in other catalogs correctly. My felling is maybe this error is coming because I should use a flag in any cmdlet before I execute ProvVM




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Hi, Antonio. You can skip OsRearm using the following Powershell:

Set-ProvSchemeMetadata -ProvisioningSchemeUid xxxxxxx -Name ImageManagementPrep_Excluded_Steps -Value OsRearm


Then use Set-ProvScheme to update the prov scheme.


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