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Not able to lunch Deksto Session in Storefront

Zulhadi Zainal

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Hi All.. Need an advice on this issue. 


When user in storefront page, it unable to go in into the VDI session as it appeared a starting loading page as below,




I try check in director of their connection of this user and it mentioned on comunication error (connection timeout). When check in detail issue, it said maybe issue on connectivity between VDA and client. I already check in the citrix studio, the VDA machine is currently available and register?


So, on part client, what can i do? Do the issue related to workspace app? Need advise on this. Thanks



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1 hour ago, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:

The issue could reside in the fact that the Machine can't connect to the VDI.

Please check the related firewall ports:




Hi Sir,


Previously user able to login to VDI as usual, She noticed happened after ulgrade the version of workspace apps. Not sure it related on not

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