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Can Citrix Workspace successfully run on Ubuntu 20.04

Amblyo Moron


I have been asked by a client to install Citrix Workspace on my Ubuntu 20.04 computer. The client has largely left me to my own devices to figure how to do this. I have installed the latest deb package icaclient_22.3.0.24_amd64.deb and have had no end of problems, especially with not recognizing audio and video devices in MS Teams while in the Citrix workspace and completely unstable keyboard configuration where, for example, pressing the 'é' key displays the characters 'SYN' instead. My purpose here is not to troubleshoot those problems, but rather to learn, In particular:


  • Is it known whether Ubuntu 20.04 out of the box can run Citrix workspace? Has anybody succeeded in doing it or are there insoluble incompatibilties?
  • If it is possible, what, if anything, needs to be installed in addition to the icaclient_22.3.0.24_amd64.deb package to make it work, especially regarding the problem in Teams? What, if anything, needs to be set manually in any of the .ini files?
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Hello Amblyo Moron

Can you please run the below command/utility to check if there are any missing libraries in your Ubuntu 20.04 which are necessary for smooth running of Citrix workspace.

1. Open terminal

2. Navigate to  $   cd  /opt/Citrix/ICAClient 

3. $ ./util/workspacecheck.sh

It will run Pre-requisite check for the Citrix Workspace for Linux, based on the result which shows the missing libraries. You can install on your Ubuntu machine.


Query 1 :  For MS Teams issue :
Check if HdxRtcEngine is running: "ps aux | grep HdxRtc" . If it is not, then from terminal, run "ldd /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/util/HdxRtcEngine", see if there is anything missing/not-found.


If you are using UI , open preferences from the status bar by clicking the Citrix Workspace icon and navigate to below tab and choose the option as shown in screenshot & save and close


Try to re-launch the MS teams and check if the audio device is getting recognized or not.



Query 2 : completely unstable keyboard configuration 


Can you please help me with below questions:

1. Which language did you install CWA Workspace for linux ?

2. What is your Ubuntu machine keyboard layout ?

3. What is the version of Citrix Xendesktop/CVAD (citrix virtual apps and desktops) ?

4. Which Published VDA/Apps you are using i.e Windows VDA or Linux VDA ?



For Keyboard to work properly , there are certain configurations required on both the sides i.e CWA Workspace client side which is installed on to your Ubuntu machine as well as  CVAD or VDA side.


1. If you are using Windows VDA

Windows VDA side changes:
Please ensure below registry keys are created for Keyboard Sync feature to work. Once you configure reboot or logoff the VDA to take the configuration into effect.

 1. Perform the registry changes, please refer the article here: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX226335



2. If the VDA OS is either Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019, then please below given registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Citrix\ICA\IcaIme, add a new DWORD value with key name DisableKeyboardSync and set the value to 0




Citrix Workspace for Linux side changes :

1. If you are using UI , open preferences from the status bar by clicking the Citrix Workspace icon and navigate to below Keyboard tab and choose the option as shown in screenshot & save and close




Choosing this option will Dynamic sync your Client Keyboard Layout(i.e your Ubuntu machine keyboard layout) to published VDA, hence the keyboard on both the side will be same.

You can further go through the CWA Product documentation for reference.


2. If you are using Linux VDA
Enable the Dynamic Keyboard layout sync feature on the Linux VDA. For more information, see Dynamic keyboard layout synchronization


After following the above configurations , please relaunch the session and try the keyboard functionality.

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