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Workspace App Freezes - Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 CU4 / HP ThinClients / Linux Workspace App

Raffael Trotta


Hello there,


We are currently experiencing Workspace App Freezes with the following combination:


- Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 CU4

- HP ThinClients (ThinPro 7.2 SP 6.4)

- Linux Workspace App (also tried


This happens randomly when starting up a Windows Virtual Desktops (maybe in one out of 10 logons).

If it occurs you can notice that the "Refresh Rate" of the Workspace App starts slowing down (you can notice at the Windows Logon screen, the rotating "dots" are getting slower and slower), you can see the Windows Desktop appearing and after that, everything is frozen. Mouse keeps moving.

If you press CTRL+ALT+F11 on the Linux ThinClient, the Workspace App is marked as "not responding". After terminating the process you can login again and you are at the Windows Desktop immediately and everything is working.

The freezes only occuring during Session Startup, never afterwards.

EDT is disabled.


It seems an older model with ThinPro 7.1 and Workspace App is not affected. 


Thankful for any ideas!


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yet the one I'm referring to is right there:






Please note that the descriptions do not always exactly match what you (and other people) may be experiencing. For example this one freezes sessions upon very login, not just upon exit. and the fix really solves it for me in 2112 CR




Have you tried what I suggested before (loading up one of your previous golden image builds with CU3 instead of CU4) just as a quickie to confirm that that fixes it ?


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ah, we encounted this one as well in the way it is described in the known issues.


We were in the process of deploying CU5 anyways, I moved the affected customer up in line now  - I think it will take another week or two to have a definitive answer if the problem is solved (since it does not happen very often, people are not always reporting the problem, ...)



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