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Reviving VMs From Local LVM after Xen Server Reinstall

Sam Baxter


I am using Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 (free). This setup is used in a home server environment and not an enterprise environment. I have root access, so rebooting and toying to configurations is no issue at all.

There are 2 VMs stored on the local drive's LVM partition and I am trying to get them functional again after the hypervisor reinstall.


I've followed this guide (How to Reinstall a XenServer Host and Preserve Virtual Machines on the Local Storagehttps://support.citrix.com/article/CTX136342) up until step 15, where I am trying to attach the PBD.


The problem I am having is when I execute the command to attach the PBD.


xe pbd-plug uuid=279768b0-650b-1e00-ed57-339254c3dff5 <--- that's the UUID which was given to me in step 14.


Error parameters: , Failed to load VDI [opterr=rvgstats failed error is 5],


I have been unable to find meaningful information about this error. I have attached screenshots illustrating what is happening.


Why is this error occurring and what can be done to get the LVM properly reattached to the host again? The partition was not overwritten on the reinstall process.


Thanks in advance. ?






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