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Netscaler VPX HA changed

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I noticed recently that my Netscaler changed from its current HA primary to the secondary and now the secondary is acting as the primary.. All is fine, but I want to understand why it flip to the secondary virtual appliance. Where in Netscaler can I see logs of the time when this happened and the reason why it took over HA to the other appliance.

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The way I always look at HA is that EITHER device can be primary... if they are in the same switch, it doesn't really matter WHICH is primary.


So, my version of your question would be "I have 2 x ADC, there was a failover - how do I found out the cause?". 


If you feel that one device should be the "preferred primary", then set "stay primary" on that unit: in any instance where BOTH ADCs are healthy, then the "stay primary" device will be the primary. (The downside of using stay primary is that you can get a needless double failover)

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