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Citrix Workspace / Receiver - How to change wfica32 window size and location on the desktop, using PowerShell

Tom-Inge Nilsen


Hi! I've tried to move and resize windows desktop applications using PowerShell (and C# for that matter), but I fail when trying to move the Citrix window. (wfica32.exe). Seems like the process runs without errors, but the application does not move at all. Other applications move just nicely. 


Have any of you attempted to programatically move/reposition/resize the wfica32.exe window using code? If so, how did you do it? Preferrably using C# or PowerShell, but others also welcome.


The point of all of this, is to size and position all the applications automatically on an ultra-wide monitor. ?  Didn't find any software that did this in a satisfactory manner. Besides - it is much more satisfying making it yourself.


Also - not sure which category this question belongs in.. 




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