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Random servers Start Menu issue

Marcel Zunnebeld



We are having problems with the Start Menu on Windows 2016 servers in combination with Citrix WEM.

Of the 30 servers, there is one random server every day that does not show a Start Menu after a user logs in. All users then have the same problem on that one server. It's also different users every time so I think it should be looked for in the agent anyway.
All servers are rebooted every night (from a PVS vDisk).

We have already tried everything, the WEM cache (on D:\) is discarded at the reboot and created again, the Agent Extra Launch delay we have already had at 10000, 15000 and 20000, Enable debug logging is on but we get there also not really information.

The profiles are stored in an FSLogix profile container. A redirections.xml is used  
(Because it's random users, on 1 random server, I don't expect the redirections.xml to be the cause, then many more users should be affected).

The version of the VDA = 1912.0.0.24265
WEM Agent/Infrastructure Services version = 2005.2.0.1
PVS Server/Target Device = 1912 LTSR CU1
The Hypervisor = XenServer 8.2 CU1
FSLogix Apps = 2.9.7979.62170

The OS = Windows Server 2016 1607 

Is there anyone who has a tip/suggestion what could possibly be a cause of this problem?

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